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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD 1 & RHD 2)

ALL 10,000 Carrots Rabbit Rescue rabbits have been vaccinated against RHD1 & RHD2


Vaccination is the only way to prevent this terrible, fatal disease

Please contact your veterinarian to discuss getting your rabbit vaccinated TODAY!  If your vet is not able to help with this please contact Fall River Animal Hospital to get your rabbit vaccinated.

The virus RHD is on the move across Canada and the USA. We have no known cases here in Nova Scotia yet, but it is getting very close here. We need to act fast to protect the rabbits here in Nova Scotia and be proactive and preventative by vaccinating them now to give them the immunity they need in case they do come in contact with the virus.   

This gives them a fighting chance if they do become exposed, as it is a fatal disease. A cruel and terrible way to die.

 Please reach out if you have any questions regarding this disease, including the transmission, proper cleaning protocol etc. And we will be happy to let you know.  Let's work together to help protect the rabbits here in Nova Scotia

Even indoor-only rabbits are at risk of RHDV2, since the virus can be transferred to them by people (on their shoes and clothes), other animals (including dogs and cats, especially if they go outside), and even insects. The most important thing you can do to protect your rabbit is to get them vaccinated


RHD Information


By the time they show symptoms, it is too late ...

Please, Do Not Wait!


Preventative care is the only way for your rabbit to survive and hopefully not get this devastating disease.

The vaccine approved for Canada, is one that has been in use in France.  The one from the US has NOT been approved for use in Canada.

RHD is not zoonotic  and it is a rabbit/hare only disease.
Cats and dogs and other animals don't get it and it is not something humans can catch.

Remember, a vaccine is not a bullet proof vest, but a way to have the added immunity to give them a fighting chance.

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