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A few VERY important things to know
BEFORE adopting a rabbit

Rabbits are NOT a "starter pet" or "low maintenance".  They require daily care, proper diet, exercise, veterinary care (as needed) and love. 
Children are a great help with caring for your rabbit, however, they are not able to be the primary care giver.

Rabbits live 10+ years - this is NOT a short term commitment.  The care they require is similar to a cat or a dog.

Rabbits are like toddlers - you MUST bunny-proof your house, both for your rabbit's safety and to protect your belongings.  Rabbits are very curious and like to chew.

Rabbits require UNLIMITED hay and clean water every single day.  They also require a limited amount of good quality pellets and fresh leafy greens every day.  Their digestive tract is sensitive, and must be monitored to prevent them from getting really sick.

Rabbits (generally) do not like to be picked up. They are prey animals and this feels very dangerous to them.  They do however like head rubs and ear scratches.