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Educational Resources

We highly recommend RABBIT.ORG as a source of accurate information specifically geared to domesticated rabbits and their care. 
The following are links to either articles or educational information that we have produced using as the source
(unless otherwise indicated).
​If you do not find the topic you are looking for below, please check or contact us for more information.

Bunny Basics & Behavior
Bunny Myths & Facts
  1. Basic information about rabbits and what it is like to have a pet rabbit. Also important information to know before getting a rabbit and to figure out if a rabbit is the right pet for you!
  2. All things bunny diet. The good, the bad and the toxic!
  3. Trying to figure out what your bunny is saying to you? Trying to deal with undesirable behavior, try these tips and tricks.
  4. Rabbits are prey animals and will hide their illnesses. Many times it is almost too late by the time families realize something is wrong.
  5. There are so many options for housing for your house rabbit. We suggest as cage free as possible, and will only adopt to indoor homes.
  6. This is a page for the educational information that doesn't really fit in the other topics. You will find articles from, posts we have come across that have really good information as well as the educational resources we have created
​Medical Symptoms to watch for
Additional topics
We have developed an educational program (free of  charge) that is tailored to the ages
of the group we are working with (young children to seniors) to help spread the word that domesticated rabbits and snowshoe hares are very different animals -

and we even bring some rabbits!!  If you would like us to come talk to a group you, or your children are a part of, please contact us. 
We look forward to hearing from you to book a date!

""What a great program!  Nathan learned so much about rabbits and hares, as well as how to care for a rabbit. The program was great for his age group (10), and the presenters were very engaging..  He loved being able to pet the rabbits as well."

Heather fron Bedford