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Pongo (Pawnee) - 
Director of Education

We take education very seriously here at 10,000 Carrots. Having most of the bunnies coming in from being abandoned and alone outside, it’s very important that we can get out to the communities and talk about all things related to rabbits and their care. From proper diet, enrichment for indoor bunnies, behaviour issues, proper things to chew, toys, bonding, hares versus rabbits and of course talking about the importance of keeping us inside and safe. To be honest we love talking about all things bunny so we will come and chat about it all, the list goes on and on about what we can discuss.

I can be generally seen at these educational events, along with a friend or two as special guests. Showing people how we like to be approached and handled is somewhat of a passion of mine, since I like to come to you, not have you pick me up. I find being up in your arms a bit scary, like most rabbits, except my pal Pete of course! If you know anyone who would like to hear about us please send the rescue a message and we can come for a session.

My background is a bit sad too. I was bought as a pet for two cute kids. They loved me, but they didn’t take the best care of me or keep my room very clean. Unfortunately, my room got turned into and outdoor cage in the back yard. The nights were scary hearing and seeing all the animals that could hurt me, but I managed to be out there for a few months. One day by cage was taken apart so I was just left to hop in the yard. This was my home, so I didn’t leave, I stayed in the yard. The Dad to the kids wanted me to go and would try and chase me away, but this was the only home I’d ever known. He said to a neighbour “Let nature take it’s course”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but the neighbour didn’t seem to think it was very nice.  She scooped me up one day and the rescue came and got me. For years now I’ve been a cherished and important member of the team. I’m a bit of a “single pringle” as the boy who lives with me says, as I’m not a big fan of other rabbits’ nose to nose. At a distance, we are all good though.

Hopefully one day we get to meet at an education event! I love to meet people and even hop up on kids backs when they lay nice and flat, quiet, and still.

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