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Chester Copperpot -
Head of Administration & Welcoming Committee

Head of Administration and the official welcoming committee is me, Chester Copper Pot. I welcome in all the new bunnies into the rescue and teach them the ropes and who the food people are. This has been my job for many years now, but I’d like to think I’m a pretty good greeter. I make sure they get settled into their new digs and let them know they’ll never have to sleep outside and worry all night again. Sometimes the first night they are scared and not sure if it’s a safe place to be, but I ensure them that they can fully close their eyes and not have to look over their shoulders for predators anymore. Sometimes we just sit in silence, and that’s okay too. I remember when my first night was at the rescue. I slept like a rock, so much so Tammy was scared I wasn’t okay. But I was exhausted from running and trying to find somewhere safe and my eye was badly injured too.

I’ve been to some rescue events to meet people in the past. I’ve gone on some education seminars and events and even some bunny yoga. I like people, but I am timid and with my one eye I can get scared easy too, so I’m more of a homebody now. Taking on the role of official Director of Administration. It’s a good gig. I like making sure they know the ropes.


A bit of background about me. I was found many years ago on a gravel back road in Falmouth Nova Scotia by one of our biggest supporters and friend. She just happened to be coming down that road and with all the strength I had left, and believe me it wasn’t much, I hopped out I front of her car. She saw me and stopped and ran out to see if I was okay. She scooped me up and put me in her car where I laid quietly. My eye was badly infected, fur was matted, I was so dehydrated and thin. Somehow, I knew she would help me, and I was right. I was brought into the rescue and seen a veterinarian who gave me some much-needed fluids and food. After snacking right away they looked at my eye. It didn’t look good, but they decided to try and save it. Over the next 8 weeks I took my antibiotic and my eye medications a few times a day. It was looking better, and I was getting so much stronger. All my old, malnourished fur was falling out and a beautiful new coat was coming in too. At the recheck it was decided that there was no real way to save my eye. So, after I healed from my neuter surgery, a few weeks later I had my eye surgery to remove it. I recovered extremely well and haven’t really missed that old, damaged eye a bit. I’m super thankful to Angie who stopped to help me. She was my angel that night. Now I stay as a staff member at the rescue.

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