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Sneeky Pete Peterson - 
Medical Director

Having extensive experience in all matters of the mouth and teeth, it is only fitting that I am the VP of Medical Services. Being the official bunny to oversee any issues I like to make sure that I’m keeping a close eye if anyone seems to be chewing funny, sitting weird or acting “off” in any way. I’m a very perceptive little man who takes his job very seriously – but really enjoys a good cuddle into your neck too. You must have a balance of work and play right? I notify Tammy if I see any issues and then we head straight into our Vet to be seen!  While at the Vet I’m a bit of a love sponge, sucking in all the cuddles they can give me. And boy they love to see me coming for cuddles!

Years ago, I was left alone in an apartment in Cape Breton and found by the landlord. Sadly, he had no idea I was living there, so when my old family moved out and didn’t take me, he didn’t come to check to make sure everything and everyone (or everybun) was gone. It had been at least a week and half since they left me there, no cage, no food left, no water – just me. Alone in that big, empty, quiet apartment. Boy, was I glad to see him! He contacted the rescue, and they came and got me. My teeth were so badly overgrown, I was so dehydrated and malnourished. All my fur had turned a horrible copper colour from being so malnourished. My overgrown teeth made it almost impossible to eat, but I ate so fast and so much right away.

Since then, I visit my Vet every 3 weeks and she trims my teeth to help me out. Sadly, my entire mouth and jaw aren’t in good shape at all. I eat my pellets mushed up and my hay and grasses cut nice and fine. All that horrible copper colour is long gone, and my beautiful shiny coat is here to stay.  Sometimes my teeth bother my eyes and make them weep a bit, but I’ve got drops for that. I’m doing good overall, but these pesky teeth will always be an issue. Don’t worry! They get checked every 3 weeks like I said!

My favourite thing is being cuddled though. Chilling on a lap or laying on you is my happy place. I grind my teeth happily and just soak up all the love and attention. Occasionally I’ll make an appearance at bunny yoga, so keep your eye out for me, you never know when we can have a little snuggle too.

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