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Common Misconceptions
 -Myths & Facts-

There are so many misconceptions and myths about
domesticated rabbits.
Here are the ones we hear most often
and the truth behind the myths.

Misconception:  We have rabbits in Nova Scotia, so this bunny will be ok in the wild.

REALITY:  Wild Hares are native to Nova Scotia, however, they are very different than domesticated rabbits. 

Wild Hares are born with fur and with their eyes open, ready to run if necessary.  They have always lived with the constant threat of predators and therefore have instincts that will allow them to be safe.

Domesticated Rabbits are born almost completely hairless with their eyes still closed.  They are not able to run away from predators.  They do not have the skills and instincts required to stay safe in an outdoor setting.  .

Click here for more information on the differences between Snowshoe Hares and Domesticated Rabbits!

Misconception:  Rabbits only live a couple of years, so there is no long term commitment needed.

REALITY:  Well cared for, indoor rabbits can live 7-10 years and some live into their teens. This is approximately the same lifespan as some breeds of dogs and require the same long term commitment.

Misconception:  Rabbits can be given a bath ... and OMG it's SO cute!

REALITY:  Giving a rabbit a bath is very dangerous.  They can easily die from shock or hypothermia.  They can develop pneumonia or ear infections.  They splash, not because it is fun, but rather because they are scared.  DO NOT GIVE BUNNIES A BATH.

Rabbits are naturally VERY clean animals and groom themselves as much as cats.  If you find that your bun has a spot that he needs some help with, (generally bum or feet) a damp cloth or gentil combing is all you need to fix the problem.

Misconception:   Rabbits are dirty and have a strong odour

REALITY:  Rabbits are actually quite clean and are able to be trained to use a litter box. If the box is changed everu 2-3 days (which we recommend) there is no offensive odour​​

Misconception:  Rabbits do not need veterinary care the way dogs and cats do

REALITY:  Companion rabbits should be spayed/neutered by a vet experienced in rabbit care. They have very sensitive GI tracts and can require medical assistance for a variety of issues.

Misconception:  Rabbits are happiest outdoors in a backyard hutch.

REALITY:  Rabbits kept outdoors in hutches are often forgotten and neglected once the initial novelty wears off. Far too often they are relegated to a life of solitary confinement and are subject to extremes in weather, as well as diseases spread by fleas, ticks and flies which can adversely affect their health and lifespan. They can also die of a heart attack at the approach of a predator, even if it has not bitten or attacked the rabbit.  ***WE ONLY ADOPT TO INDOOR HOMES***​​

Misconception:  Rabbits love to be picked up and cuddled and do not scratch or bite.

REALITY:  Although some rabbits tolerate it quite well, they generally do not like to be picked up and carried. They are prey animals and this is terrifying for (most of) them. If they are scared, they may nip or scratch to get away from what they perceive as danger​​