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Bunny Behavior

If you do not see what you are looking for, please go to RABBIT.ORG to check out their extensive library or contact us with your questions

Litter Training Basics

By nature, rabbits choose one or a few places (usually corners) to deposit their urine and most of their pills.

Agressive Behavior

People are often shocked the first time they see a rabbit display anger. Bunnies, after all, are supposed to be timid and sweet

Shy Bunnies

One of the most common misconceptions people have about rabbits is that they like to be held and cuddled. This is probably because they look
like plush toys. Unfortunately, many people buy rabbits without
realizing the true nature of rabbits, and that’s one of the main reason
these lovely, intelligent creatures are “dumped” shortly after they
reach sexual maturity and begin to assert their strong personalities.

Anti-social Bunnies

Our rescue work often requires us to socialize rabbits for the purpose
of making them more appealing to prospective adopters. Most of the time,we are dealing with aloof rabbits, who withdraw from human contact and sometimes nip when picked up

A Rebel with Paws

“I don’t understand it. Just this week, Fluffy has bitten the kids five times.”
“I don’t understand it. Peanut used to be so good about using his litterbox. Now he’s leaving messes everywhere.”
“I don’t understand it. Flora was such an easy-going little bunny. Now all she does is dig, dig, dig. My carpet is in shreds.”

Training Your Rabbit

It is easier to train rabbits if you understand that their behavior is usually motivated by one of three things:
their natural need to chew and dig;
their need to communicate
the social structure as seen by rabbits,

Games Rabbits Play

I have found a lot of enjoyment from their playing games with me and
with each other. These games are often recognizable as games we played when we were children

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