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Office Manager

My name is Heidi. I came to this rescue about 2 years ago. I had another home before this and don't know why I couldn't stay. As you can see, I am beautiful, generally good natured and of course the best office manager there could be. I will explain that later.

When I first came to 10,000 Carrots...which I am still looking for by the that name is a total lie; as there are no carrots anywhere.

They tell me they are bad for me but I don't see how that's fair, considering all the chocolate they eat.

Anyway...when I first came here, I was mauled by the vet, spayed and pretty much brushed into oblivion. My beautiful fur was in its glory after that, I have to admit. A rabbit like me needs a lot of brushing to keep the mats out. Mats really hurt.

At the time everyone commented on how my eyes always looked surprised. Unfortunately this was not just the way they looked. It meant I have a condition named Thymoma. Because of this I wouldn't be able to go a new forever home and would stay at 0 Carrots Rescue.

Now, this condition (its a type of cancer) is only going to grow and I will eventually need help to cross the bridge. Until then, some other rabbits will need to wait and that is pretty sad, but this place has given me a safe and loving home and I am important too.

I have actually acquired a pretty important job; Office Manager.

I really need to keep on my staff as she talks on the phone too much about irrelevant things like internet and phones and that sort of thing. Instead she needs to spend more time talking to me, brushing my fur to perfection and of course giving me treats.
At times I do try and go out to where the foster rabbits are, and stir up a little mischief...but hey, a girl needs a little office  drama.

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